Things I Love About Taliyah


Just thinking about her gets me excited 😉 lol

I love the way i can act like myself around her.

shes soo sweet

she always makes me laugh or smile

I never want her to leave when we spend time together

I love it when she yells at me ;))

She has the softest lips i have ever felt 😉

Shes a great kisser ;))

She has braces just like me, thats how you know we were meant to be lol

My mom loves her already.

I love being around her.

I Really love her, even though were not together :)))

She lives so close to me, I LOVE THAT ;)) lol

Shes the best i ever had

When she texts me goodmorning ;))

When she wakes up after midnight just to text me :)))))))))))

I love her neck :))))))) its to cute lol

When she teases me ;)) I LOVE IT!!

Her moan TURN ONNNNN ;)))))

Her beautiful brown eyes

Her “gangster” ways lol

The way she smells

The love that she shows me

The feeling that i get when im around her.

I never loved a girl like i love her.

Im never gonna do anything to hurt her EVER

Shes just to good to be true.

She swears she a thug lmao

Her blogs about me :)))

Her cute little nose lol.

I love squeezing her cheeks (both) lmao

Her corny jokes

When we kiss she always falls to her knees :))))))))))

I love giving her piggy back rides

I just love everything about her!!!!

Taliyah!!!! Guess What………………………………………….I LOVE YOU!!! lol


Taliyah Walker <3

Its like im at a loss for words……… still feels kinda unreal.


Junk Butt

This girl is truly something special. I Thank god that I meet a girl like her, me and her can talk for hours and never bored each other. I really think shes heaven sent, shes so cool to be around. I love all the cute faces she makes when i hug or kiss her 🙂 we live right next to each other to. She is so beautiful and she always knows how to make me laugh, im glad god put a girl like her in my life. If im upset about something my mood automatically changes when im around her. When we first started talking i didnt expect that we would be where we are today. The feeling is mutual between me and her. Im ready to be her everything, if we were together i know i wouldnt do anything to hurt her, shes so sweet. Im ready for my Junk Butt for be my baby 🙂 Lol

Time To Say Goodbye

I guess its time to say goodbye between me and you. were not really making an effort to work things out so this is it. i guess the right thing for us to do this go or seperate ways. If we keep breaking up and going back together that probably means that were just prolonging something that has to happen. i enjoyed our relationship i wish it didnt have to end so strange but i just all were gonna be now is friends….nothing more.


Men, we can talk that sh*t all we like, but when you’ve been in love, I mean REALLY in love and you two have to go your seperate ways, you always have hope in the back of your mind that maybe, just MAYBE one day you all will get back together because it was meant to be. Us humans need to be honest with ourselves and cut the sh*t. That’s part of the reason why relationships are so messed up these days, lack of honesty and too much damn PRIDE.

just dont know

its like when i do something wrong im so horrible but if you do the same thing its different. i dont understand anybody or anything anymore. nobodies making any sense to me. i just dont know what to do. i dont know what directions to move in. im confused bout life in general.

people wont let me live my life and do the hell i want to do with my life. it doesnt make any sense you dont see me telling you “oh you should do this or you should do that with your body”

i would never want to change anybody or try to change anything because its not my life. you do what you want to do, who am i to try and change that.

if you dont like what im doing with my life than you dont have to talk to me i dont care but do constintly talk to me about whats wrong with me. if i like it than let me do it its my life!!

A New Bestfriend

I Want A New Bestfriend Someone Who I Can Talk To About Anything

Someone Who I Know Will Always Be There.

Someone That Helps Me Out With My Problems.

Someone Who Knows What To Say.

Someone That Wouldnt Change.

ugh!! what do i do

i hate to hurt a girls feelings but i just dont see myself with her i try to picture us together but i just dont see it. to me were 2  different  people shes really quiet and im talkative. i hate having to start a convo all the time. everybody said were going to be the greatest couple but now…..i just dont see it. the best thing for US to do is to go are seperate ways. we would be way better as friends i think


why do people always classify me as “christines ex” or “christine’s old bf” im sick off it. my name is Ahmed if you havent heard already. me and her have been broke up since last year. me and her are done we will never go out ever again!! so stop calling me that!!!

everything good :)

everythings going great for me right now. my mom got her car(im so happy for her). she has been wanting one ever seen it got totaled. im doing great in school, im doing sports and i have a pretty good family 🙂 i thankful everyday that i have a family that cares for me and cares about me. even though i have been sick this whole week i feel like nothing can bring me down. im in high school im ready to do big things. i just have a feeling that im going to be very successful. i feel like nothing can hold me back. no drama no girls nothing!! i love my life 🙂